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Over the last twenty three years Char has connected several production elements to the best commercials ever produced. Including over a dozen Super Bowl ads.

Char believes there is no higher purpose than being of service. So we offer service :)

Char & Associates has been representing qualified live action TV Commercial Directors, VFX Directors, Editors, as well as Animation and Post Production companies since 1994.

Char personally views hundreds of reels each month, constantly monitoring which companies and artists excel in specific types of advertising production projects for the advertising production and creative community.

Our research of who does what, when, where, and for how much has proven invaluable to a content producer and creative team. Char has been a part of over a dozen Super Bowl ads and well as hundreds of National TV Commercials during his time servicing the advertising community.

At this time Char & Associates has personal access to hundreds of the top qualified TV Commercial Director's, VFX & Animation companies.

After 23 years of helping producers and creative teams establish connections with qualified production resources, we must be doing something right...

Always grateful, confident, and researched,

Char Noonan